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An endodontist is a dentist that specializes in using endodontic therapy for the preservation of teeth. These procedures involve the pulp, which is the soft inner tissue of the tooth. Every dentist is trained in the diagnosis and endodontic therapy, but some teeth have problems that are very hard to diagnose and treat. In such cases, you will need the help of an endodontic specialist. completing dental school, endodontists go through two more years of advanced training in endodontic dentistry. During this training, they learn about endodontic procedures and root canal treatments in more detail so they can diagnose and treat difficult cases.

Pain Diagnosis

The mouth has an extensive network of nerves, and as a result of the pain of a toothache or a cracked tooth it can often be felt in other teeth or the neck, ears, or head. Determining the source of oral pain is often difficult because of this. Fortunately, Ahmed Matri, DDS specializes in treating pain of this sort.

Treating Traumatic Injuries

If the mouth is injured, the pulp can sometimes suffer damage. For example, if a child receives a blow to one of his permanent teeth before it’s fully developed, the tooth root can stop growing. We use a procedure known as apexification to stimulate the deposit of bone at the tip of the root, and then initiate a root canal procedure to save the tooth. Ahmed Matri, DDS is equipped to treat this type of traumatic injury.


Before the treatment begins, we will administer a local anesthetic. Next, we will put a latex sheet around the tooth to keep it clean and dry during the treatment (non-latex sheets are also available).

Root canal treatments have a success rate of up to 90%, but there are no guarantees. During your consultation, we will go over your symptoms, medical history, any medication you’re using and your insurance, among other things, to make the right choice. If a root canal or endodontic therapy doesn’t work, we have other treatment options available.

Treatment Time

Treatment is generally divided into three or four basic steps, but your case will determine how many appointments are needed. Most of the time the procedure only takes one, but some need two or even three. It all depends on the degree of inflammation or infection and the difficulty level of the treatment. What matters is that Ahmed Matri, DDS can do their very best work rather than meeting a specific time limit.

Follow-Up Examinations

After we finish the endodontic therapy, we would like you to come in for periodic visits so we can ensure your tooth is healing the way it should. Abscesses often take two years to heal fully, so we’ll reexamine your tooth for at least that long.


Sometimes endodontic treatment can fail, or pain can persist following successful treatment. A tooth can respond favorably to a root canal at first but become painful or diseased months or years later. This is rare, but when it happens we can usually preserve the tooth using a second endodontic procedure.

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